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"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."
— Albert Einstein

Decrease Risk & Increase Safety

Anyone can install a basic camera system or access control system. The question is... Is it being used to its full potential
and most importantly, does it add value? Throwing technology at a problem does not necessarily solve a problem,
in fact, often it just creates more complexity. The Dynamic Group specialises in helping you find the right solution the first time. After all, whats the point if no value is added!

When Connectivity is everything

Todays life relies heavily on technology. Tech needs a strong infrastructure and infrastructure needs
trained professional who know how to use it and how to implement it. Thats where we come in.
Fibre, copper cabling, switches, and switch gear, we know how to install it, make it neat and provide
ongoing support to provide you the uptime you require.

The Glue

Having best of breed is one thing, but having multiple best of breed applications that dont talk to each other is another...
Isolated systems dont give you the value you require. Dynamic has years of experience in integrating software and hardware platforms together to create a seamless solution. We have done it countless times and can add the value you are not currently receiving.


Facial Recognition


Who is Dynamic?

The Dynamic Group is a technology and security company. Its focus is on cutting edge computerised security and IT infrastructure. We pride ourselves in designing, installing and integrating either best of breed or bespoke solutions for customers. We dream big, we innovate and we find solutions where there are none!

What are our Specialities?

Access Control (Card, finger, pin, face, palm)
Visitor Management solutions for estates and business parks
IP Surveillance including ANPR and Facial Recognition
IOT Device and BI
Infrastructure setups including Fibre and Copper cabling, Racking and more
Manufacture and installation of physical security products such as Booms and Turnstiles.
Custom Development on a range of operating systems.

Why Dynamic?

We are not the ordinary. We dare to dream. We find solutions and think out the box. We provide great service and we strive to ADD VALUE to our clients. Pick us if you want someone who will ride the journey with you.

Managing Director

Nic Bigara

Owned and managed by Nic who has 17 years experience in the IT and Physical Security industry. With a team of 30 strong, you know you are in good hands!

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